Radio frequency facial

Radio frequency facial

An RF Facial is an alternative for clients who are looking for an alternative to invasive treatments such as Botox® .

Radio frequency creates a tightening of the forehead, skin under eyes and also aids with dark circle reduction.

It diminishes large pores, softens laughter lines, jowls and sagging around the jaw line, as well as wrinkling along the neck.

RF improves skin laxity, renewing facial contours by accelerating collagen and elastin renewal.

This treatment is beneficial for people of any age.

During your RF Facial, you will experience a heat from the wand, which will gently glide over your facial.

Some people liken this to a hot stone massage which stimulates lymphatic circulation.

This aids the removal of waste products and toxins.

This is the followed by 15 minutes under the LED light tunnel on a red light to further stimulate collagen production and also to trigger the body’s natural cell process to accelerate rejuvenation and repair of the skin.

Price List

One session £65.00
Three sessions  £150.00


Double Cleanse – Removes any makeup, dirt or toxins from the skin

Tone –Designed to prepare your skin for treatment

RF Cream Application –Protects the skin and enhances results

RF Treatment –Using our state of the art equipment

LED light therapy 15 minutes

Moisturiser –Soothes and hydrates your skin

Some clients see a noticeable result after one treatment, however there is a cumulative effect as time passes.

Results look and feel completely natural; and the treatments provide genuine long-lasting effects at a cellular level – not just superficial muscle tightening.

Skin condition improves and a general healthy more vibrant appearance results – bringing life back to sallow and dull complexions, as well as tightening the overall area and eradicating lines/wrinkles.

Our Radio Frequency procedure is virtually painless, in fact the opposite can be said, as many liken it to a deep, relaxing massage.

During the treatment, the surface of the skin is slowly heated to the appropriate temperature, of which most people describe a warming sensation on the skin.