LED Facials

LED Facials

LED light is energy in its purest form, which penetrates the skin and stimulates the renewal of damaged tissues and cells and helps them to return them to their original healthy state.

LED does not damage healthy cells, it only helps those who are  injured or diseased  to recover.

LED therapy has many positive effects on the skin and body.

The lack of discomfort and side effects make the treatment one of the most popular therapies in the most prestigious salons and SPA in the world.

There are three main LED which help to target different client concerns.

Blue LED – Penetrates a depth of 2-3 mm – where bacteria forms – helps to destroy the bacteria causing acne.
Sooth inflamed skin.

Red LED -Penetrates to a depth or 15-20mm into the skin – particularly good for treating
psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, cold sores and herpes.

Infrared light – Penetrates to a depth of 30-40 mm into the skin. It enhances circulation and improves metabolism.
Saturate the skin with oxygen which helps to eliminate toxins. Stimulates fibroblast activity
and the formation of collagen fibres.

Price List

One session – £45

Three sessions –  £110.00 (one per week)

Six sessions– £200.00 (one per week)