Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

What is ear microsuction?

Microsuction is one of the best ways to remove earwax. Once I have assessed your ear canal, a gentle suction device is used to remove any earwax blockages.

This suction device acts like a vacuum cleaner, helping to loosen and remove any impacted earwax. During the procedure I will be able to take images using the tympa system and as each examination is digitised and am able to gain second opinions with a team of audiologists should this be required.
Previously, using an ear syringe with water was a common way to get rid of earwax, however micro suction is a quick and much safer method and is recognised as the gold standard for wax removal.

Prior to the appointment

Once booked, we’ll ask you to start using olive oil or almond oil ear drops three to four times daily for up to five days prior to your appointment to soften your ear wax and increase the chances of a successful microsuction. You can buy wax softeners from most high street chemists.

Using ear drops before your appointment makes removal much easier and quicker. If this step is not performed and the wax has not softened enough it may to necessary for you to come back for following up appointment.

Price List

Both ears – £65.00
Home visit £85.00
Day rate – (Nursing homes) £325.00


Our ears are self cleaning, so you shouldn’t need to remove earwax at all. For some people though, earwax can cause problems in one or both ears, such as:

Muffled hearing(hearing added noises, like ruffling)

Earache, itching or discomfort

It’s important to be sure that any symptoms you have are caused by earwax and not an infection or other problem, as this service is designed for those suffering with excessive earwax. People who commonly need ear wax removal are:

Users of in ear headphones

Users of hearing aids

Regular cotton bud users

People who use ear plugs regularly
If this is the first time you’re experiencing these symptoms, you have other symptoms or you’re just not sure, you should first see a GP to check you need this service.

Side effects from microsuction are rare, but they include:

Feeling dizzy or faint – This can be the body’s response to the ear canal cooling down after having wax removed, and usually it’s just temporary. You shouldn’t attend for earwax removal treatment if you’re already experiencing dizzy or faint spells, and you should see a doctor about them.
Damage to the ear/eardrum, which can cause slight bleeding – This is an unusual side effect, and being able to sit very still during the entire earwax removal procedure will significantly minimise the risk.
Noise-induced damage – Again this is rare, but you might experience temporary hearing loss. This is because small muscles in your ear may contract to protect your ear against the noise of the suction device. It is extremely rare for tinnitus to be caused or worsened by microsuction.
Infection – All of our tools are ‘one per patient’ and we follow strict infection control procedures. However, as with any procedure, earwax removal carries a very small risk of infection, for which treatments are available.