Faith Lift Triple Serum


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A replenishing Triple Serum with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin. Supernatural 

One day. A few drops. Younger-looking skin. Supernatural

Like thousands of Faithful followers, a few drops of Tibby Olivier’s Worldwide #1 best-seller, Faith Lift Triple Serum, use every day for younger-looking skin. Have a fresher-feeling skin, which is more toned, and with improved radiance. This triple potent serum works by enhancing your skin’s natural recovery process – so make your skin work for you! Additionally the formula is not only paraben-free, but also 99.8% natural-derived. Supernatural! A few of the key ingredients include Lavender Essential Oil, Primrose Oil, and Tibby Olivier’s -signature ingredient squalane, derived from olives. And that’s not all – it’s made from a recyclable glass bottle.

How to Apply: 

  • Apply 2-3 drops on the inside of your fingertips
  • Warm the oil against your other hand
  • Gently press hands onto the cheeks, forehead and chin to evenly distribute the application
  • Then massage gently into the skin
  • You can wear this alone, or under Faith Lift Cream moisturiser, essential to use after Faith Lift Mask
  • Next, enjoy a radiant skin!

Lavender Essential Oil 

Lavender Essential Oil helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin while helping reduce skin blotchiness for a more even look. Creates a brighter and more radiant look to skin.

Squalane (Perhydrosqualene or perhydrosqualene vegetal) 
A signature Tibby Olivier ingredient, Squalane is a botanical lipid that is similar in molecular structure to natural skin lipids. It has an exceptional affinity to skin, and because it’s easily absorbed, Squalane helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple.

Evening Primrose 
Evening Primrose Oil is an effective on skin barrier repair and boosting radiance.


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